Mark Bohm > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Mark Bohm

Mark has been with SIMULIA for over 30 years. Contributing in a variety of sales and technical management roles, he curr...
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Avijit Chauhan > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Avijit Chauhan

- Bachelor or Technology in Mechanical Engineering ( Institute of Engineering and Technology, India)- M.Sc. in Vehicle D...
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Jan Granlund > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Jan Granlund

Jan joined HKS office in Sweden 1998 which was acquired by Dassault Systèmes in 2005. Jan is located at Dassault Système...
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Yingjie You > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Yingjie You

Yingjie YOU is an Industrial Process Consultant and has worked in this role for Dassault Systemès since September 2018.H...
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Wouter VAN DER VELDEN > Speaker > Dassault Système®


Wouter van der Velden holds a PhD in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology, and has been working wit...
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Christiaan Stoker > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Christiaan Stoker

Christiaan had studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University Twente in The Netherlands. In 1999 he joined A...
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Björn Lundin > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Björn Lundin

Björn is a mechanical engineer with 15+ years of experience in the simulation industry. After 10 years as a simulation c...
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Santiago GARCÍA O’REGAN > Speaker > Dassault Système®


Santi holds a degree in Aeronautical Engineering from the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and a master’s degree in Mot...
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Guido PARENTI > Speaker > Dassault Système®


Guido PARENTI is an Industry Process Senior Specialist, with 15 years of experience in aerodynamics and automotive indu...
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