Phillipe Altairac - Airbus Helicopter > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Phillipe Altairac - Airbus Helicopter

After more than 10 years as an operational manager in Manufacturing-Engineering and as an industrial program officer, Ph...
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Laurent Bendavid - Dassault Aviation > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Laurent Bendavid - Dassault Aviation

Monsieur Laurent Bendavid est Directeur Général du Système d’Information et Chief Digital Officer de Dassault Aviation d...
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Michael Cervenka - Vertical Aerospace > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Michael Cervenka - Vertical Aerospace

CTO at one of the world’s leading eVTOL companies and a pioneer in sustainable aviation. Michael has overseen incredible...
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Valentin Chomel - Beyond Aerospace > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Valentin Chomel - Beyond Aerospace

Valentin Chomel leads the strategy and product definition at Beyond Aero, where his responsibilities range from conducti...
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Yvan-Michel Ehkirch - Karista > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Yvan-Michel Ehkirch - Karista

Yvan-Michel began his career in 1991 in the software industry. He spent 10 years in marketing, business development and...
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Philippe Pham - Airbus > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Philippe Pham - Airbus

Philippe Pham leads the Earth Observation and Science (EOS) programme unit within Space Systems. Present in four Europea...
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Géraldine Naja - European Spatial Agency > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Géraldine Naja - European Spatial Agency

Geraldine Naja is Director of Commercialisation, Industry and Competitiveness at the European Space Agency (ESA). A Fren...
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Olivier Pedron - Sogeclair > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Olivier Pedron - Sogeclair

Olivier Pedron, 46 years-old, graduated from the Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint-Cyr with a major in international rel...
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Olivier Savin - Blue Spirit Aero > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Olivier Savin - Blue Spirit Aero

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Frédéric Vetil - Safran Group > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Frédéric Vetil - Safran Group

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Kimberly Caldwell - Spirit Aerosystems Ltd > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Kimberly Caldwell - Spirit Aerosystems Ltd

Ms. Caldwell is Senior Director for Spirit AeroSystems Global Research and Technology, leading R&T engineering, program,...
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Victor Ertl - The Exploration Company > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Victor Ertl - The Exploration Company

Victor is Lead Business Development & Marketing at The Exploration Company, a European start-up that builds reusable spa...
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Pierre Chastanet - European Commission > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Pierre Chastanet - European Commission

Pierre Chastanet is Head of the Cloud and Software Unit at the Directorate-General for Communication Networks, Content a...
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Alexis Mabile - Nexter > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Alexis Mabile - Nexter

Engineer and graduate of the IAE, he began his career at Dassault Electronique (now Thales) in naval electronic warfare...
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Lionel Rouby - Airbus Defence & Space > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Lionel Rouby - Airbus Defence & Space

Lionel Rouby has been SVP Head of Digital within Airbus Defence and Space since 1 January 2023 and is a member of the Ai...
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Olivier Lesbre - ISAE-SUPAERO > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Olivier Lesbre - ISAE-SUPAERO

After studying aerospace engineering at Ecole Polytechnique, ISAE-SUPAERO and Stanford University, Olivier Lesbre join...
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Frederic Henrion - Safran > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Frederic Henrion - Safran

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Laurent Gabet - Airbus > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Laurent Gabet - Airbus

Laurent Gabet, Head of R&D Innovation , Airbus Geo– with 30 years of experience in Earth Observation, Laurent has held s...
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Enrico Scharlock - Dassault Systèmes > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Enrico Scharlock - Dassault Systèmes

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Pierre Brillant - DPS > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Pierre Brillant - DPS

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Emilie Georges - Dassault Systèmes > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Emilie Georges - Dassault Systèmes

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Lisa Belkhichane - Dassault Sytèmes > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Lisa Belkhichane - Dassault Sytèmes

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Cédric Buzay - Dassault Systèmes > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Cédric Buzay - Dassault Systèmes

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Frederic Gille - Dassault Systèmes > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Frederic Gille - Dassault Systèmes

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Philippe Conny - Marseille hub for vocational education & training excellence > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Philippe Conny - Marseille hub for vocational education & training excellence

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Iain Gray - Cranfield University > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Iain Gray - Cranfield University

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Philippe Miltin - Outscale > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Philippe Miltin - Outscale

Graduated of ESG and INSEAD, Philippe Miltin began his career at Xerox as a sales representative in 1987 and then joined...
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Karim Mokaddem - Airbus > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Karim Mokaddem - Airbus

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Rasika Fernando - BPI France > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Rasika Fernando - BPI France

Rasika Fernando is the lead expert on aeronautics and space sectors at Bpifrance. Rasika spent 15 years in the aeronauti...
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