The need for rapid adoption of advancements like 5G, AI, AR/VR, and cloud solutions is a must to stay ahead of the game on rapid moving markets. As global demand, political climates, and value chain dynamics shift unpredictably, enterprises must exhibit unprecedented agility.

Our world is evolving, with new business paradigms emerging from the desire to use rather than own, to circular economies, and orchestrated digital services reshaping the landscape. Virtual twin technology empowers innovation by bringing visionary precision to digital strategies and operations.

Discover how our market-leading virtual twin technologies enable breakthroughs across the board – from mastering complex chip and connected systems engineering, to delivering scalable, high-performance networks and digital services for both consumers and enterprises.

Step into our universe at Mobile World Congress 2024 and explore the best practices for deploying innovative 5G enabled use cases. Learn how to leverage systems engineering, data intelligence, and AI to propel disruptive innovations. Engage with us to uncover how virtual twins can enhance your partnerships to propel novel business models.

We are delighted this year to be a "Manufacturing Industry Supporting Partner" of the show, allowing us to bring our knowledge and experience of science based virtual twins into this critical connected technologies conversation. Join us in Hall 4, Stand 4A10 to explore how virtual twins can expedite your business. Let’s immerse into your future – today!


Olivier RIBET > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Olivier RIBET

Olivier Ribet has been a member of the Executive Committee since 2018, in charge of developing DassaultSystèmes’ market...
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Stéphane SIREAU > Speaker > Dassault Système®

Stéphane SIREAU

Stéphane SIREAU is Vice President, High-Tech Industry, at Dassault Systèmes, responsible for helping high-tech companies...
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Laurence MONTANARI > Speaker > Dassault Système®


Laurence Montanari has been leading Dassault Systèmes's solutions for the Transportation & Mobility industry since 2020....
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Anissa BELLINI > Speaker > Dassault Système®


Anissa Bellini is a strong believer that virtual worlds is a way of improving the real world. She brings 15 years of exp...
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