Ten years ago, with the Living Heart Project, 3DS created a platform for the citizens of the world to come together to fuse technology and data with expertise and imagination into realistic 3D simulated experiences of the heart, demonstrating what is possible when we work together. It not only catalyzed a transformation of cardiovascular medicine &research, but more importantly revealed the vast potential of virtual twins in healthcare, igniting similar projects worldwide, including the recent MediTwin Consortium.

We now enter the second decade of the transformation and our aim is much higher; to replicate this unique model across all key medical domains toward virtual twin experiences of the entire human body, propelling us into a new age of medical discovery and personalized care.

The 10th International Virtual Human Twin Experience Symposium marks the beginning of this transformation, uniting academia, medical device and pharmaceutical industries, clinical practice, and regulatory bodies toward a common goal. Our collaborative effort will escalate the role of the virtual world in advancing treatments and precision care, carving a strategic roadmap for modeling the human body. Our vision is no less thana future with preventative, precision healthcare, led by empowered patients. Join us as we pioneer the Science of Virtual Twin Experience of Humans, revolutionizing health, wellness and society.


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